The Olimpic games

The Olympic games

These are antique Greece celebration and sport games for honour of god Jeusus. The Olympic games were taking on the hill called Olympia from 776 years BC. When the Olympic games started there were peace all over Greece. The Olympic games lasted five days. There were celebration processes, sacrifices and ceremonies on the first and the last days. The Olympic games programme included boxing, pentathlon, art competitions and other competitions. In Olympic games only tree man could take competitions. The winners were awarded a garland of olives and had had privileges for economy and politic, sometimes they were idolizing. In 394 years BC, Rome imperator banned The Olympic games.
At 1896 the Olympic games were revived. It was at Greece in Athens. In that year in The Olympic games were these parts of sport: academical rowing, kayak-paddlers and canoes rowing, biathlon, bobslias, boxing, sailing, graceful skating, cycling, judo, fencing, football, ice-skating, wrestling, horse-riding, basketball, ice hockey, grass hockey, athlete, swimming, handball, tobogganing, skiing, gymnastics, archery, hunting, pentathlon, volley-ball, water pool and others.
Five intertwined coloured rings, that symbolises five continents is the international emblem of the Olympic games. The devise of the Olympic games – citius, altius, fortus means – faster, higher, tighter.


The art or sport
of shooting with a bow
and arrow. The
competitioner tries to
shoot in to the centre
of mark.


An athletic contest
made up of five separate
events. Each contestant
must participate in all


A game in which two
teams on either side of a
high net strike a large ball
with the hands in an attempt
to send the ball over the net
without letting it touch the


The art or sport of using
a foil or sword in attack of.