The Basketball

The basketball

The basketball it is a sport game, which is playing by hand. The basketball team is made of 12 players, but only 5 of them are playing in the match. In one match are playing two teams. In the match are two halves of twenty minutes. The play is taking place in ring – angled 26×14-m field. In both sides of field end on the stanchion are two boards on each of them are baskets without bottom. The ball is 75-78 cm length and weighs 600-650 g. The rules in 1891 invented J. Neismit. The basketball is famous all over the world. It is popular in Lithuania too. The most famous team in Lithuania is Zalgiris. The best Lithuanian basketball players are playing in the highest basketball matches like NBA. Two years before Zalgiris was the winner of Eurolygue. Last year in Sidnus in The Olympic games Lithuanian team was the third place winner and it lacked only three pounds to win in front of the ‘’dream team’’.