The Internet – a modern menace

The Internet is based on new computer technologies, so it began to spread only few years ago. As a result, only IT specialists and big companies have used it. However, since few years computers are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Consequently more and more people can afford it. Not only computer hardware, but also programmes and the Internet are quite cheap today, so the Internet is spreading very quickly around the world.
The Internet gives you many forms of information beginning from innformation for bussiness and ending on entertaiment for whole family. Kids can play games, teenagers can listen to their favourite music, or watch new films, mum’s and dad’s can find information about health, newest sports or political events. What is more, today many people can use the Internet to pay their bills at home. It’s very useful, because in banks there are often quite long queues.
On the other hand, the Internet can often be not so good. First of all, siitting against computer for a long time is dangerous for your eyes and health overall. Secondly, the Internet is quite addictive. Many young people spend all their free time playing computer games or chatting in the Internet. It’s very bad, be

ecause the more they communicate with help of the Internet, the less they socialize with their friends and parents.
To sum it up, I want to say that in spite of all disadvantages of using the Internet, it still provides us many new ways to communicate and find new information. Neither television, nor radio or newspapers, can give us such a large amount of information in such a short time. It is also very easy to use the Internet, so I think it will continue to spread, and I think that this is rather good invention.

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