Smoking among young people

Speak for 5 minutes: Although smoking is an unhealthy habit, about 20 per cent of young people smoke. Why do you think this happens? If you were a school headmaster, what would you do if your schoolchildren smoked inside and outside the school? What should parents do in such situations?

Today, more and more people begin to smoke. What is worse, not only adults, but also young people and even kids begin to smoke. Everyone knows, that smoking is bad habit, but very feew people try to leave off smoking. Smoking is very unhealthy, it hurts physical fitness, couses cough, cancer and many other long-term consequenses. Only in United states of america every year tobacco kills more than 440 thousand people, that equals to small city population.
Syrveys show, that approximately 80% of adult smokers started smoking before the age of 18. This fact is terrible, because tobacco effects young man more than adult. Teens who smoke are three times more likely than nonsmokers to use alcohol, 8 to 22 times more likely to use drugs.
I think, that smoking is so popular nowadays, because it is adveritised in many ways like movies, television, magazines and so on. What is more, many teenagers think that it‘s fashionable to smoke, and th

heir friends will think that they are really tough if they smoke.
If I were a school headmaster, I think I would try to prevent smoking in school. First of all, I would try to contact with some smoking prevention organisations and request for their help. Secondly, I think that teachers must teach parents how to tell children about all smoking consequences.Then, I would try to make smoing in school extremely difficult, also penalties are very useful if they are used properly.
In conclusion, I want to say, that parents can make the greatest influence on their childrens decision about smoking. First of all, parents shouldn’t smoke, because if a kid sees that his parents are smoking, he thinks that it’s normal beehaviour and may start smoking. Secondly, parents must speak directly with their children about the risks of using tobacco. They must start talking about problems related with smoking starting at age 5 or 6, when children don’t have their own opinion on this question.

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