The Cell


The film I am telling about is called THE CELL. It’s a fantastic horror film. Films director is Tarsem Singh. The film was made in USA in the year 2000. The film is set in imaginary place. It is about serial killer and a young charming psychologist. Famous actress and singer, the superstar of Hollywood Jennifer Lopez plays this character.

City is terrified by the cruel serial murderer that’s killing young women, before that torture them in secluded cell, and do sttrange rituals with them. But once he does a little mistake and FBI detects him. Unfortunately he is found unconscious in coma. No one knows where his last hidden victim-young beautiful woman is.

There is no way how to revive the killer. Only way is to penetrate into his subconsciousness. Only person, who can do this, is young psychologist Ketrin, who has unique ability that has already helped her to revive little boy. Persuaded by the FBI and with a biig wish to save killers last victim, she makes up to have a part in this dangerous experiment. And so the scary trip to the darkest places of murderers subconsciousness labyrinth begins.

Its surrealistic esthetically adorned film, that’s been nominated for Os

scar for the best make-up, and it has MTV award for the best costumes. Also it is a film with remarkable sound and special effects.

I think, that it’s a great film, and I really recommend all to watch it. In my opinion, this film is a not only for real cinema gourmet, but it’s interesting for all to watch.

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