The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Car

At some point in their lives most people have considered about having a car and it has become a focus of today’s society. They are likely to use an own vehicle in spite of driving in public transport. To tell the truth more and more people are keen on buying small cars. I assume it has a lot of positive qualities while at the same time much can be said against them.

The first reason in favour of mini cars is thhat most of them are marketed as easy-to-drive city cars. Furthermore, they are reliable yet easy to park, trendy, usually such cars have improved petrol performance which makes them far more economical to run. In addition, these cars are cheaper to buy in compare to other cars, due to this they are a great choice for a small family.

However, there are drawbacks and perhaps the most obvious one is the small storage space. In fact, for long journeys the lack off space might be an inconvenience. Frequently, mini cars are too small to use for families. The compartment of the car is too tiny and there are too little seats. Moreover, some people find them uncomfortable to drive for long di


In conclusion, it is advisable to think twice before buying a small car and consider both positive and negative points. Yet, despite, the lack of space and other drawbacks, it seems that more and more people are keen on this idea.

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