Today I would like to talk on some of the aspects of Ecology. Nowadays the level of technology has become very advanced and it is still growing. Generally, people want to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Their needs are increasing in terms of living places, food, cars, and others. As a result, the pollution is increasing, as well.

Is it possible to clean up the world? The answer is positive.

Speaking of the air pollution, the increasing temperature inn the atmosphere is causing the global warming and making our climate warmer. If we continue to use much pollution as we are doing it presently, the world’s average temperature might greatly go up in the next fifty years. In this case, some places might become hotter and drier. Consequently, some plants and animals might either decrease in number or become extinct at all.

Furthermore, pollution is very related to people’s physical condition. Nowadays, there are more and more health problems reesulted by unclean air. People get ill easier and more frequently. Besides, often their illnesses are more difficult to be treated with. The death rate has grown greatly because of that.

The earth is polluted. For example, people use too many ch

hemical materials; as a result they eat unhealthy and processed food.

However, the earth is our home, thus everyone must take care of it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the pollution seems to be disastrous for all living forms on the earth- plants, animals and people. The effect is obvious and if not stopped then at least should definitely be hindered. Of course, our life without technical development would not exist, but we cannot forget that we live in the same planet.

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