Television in Lithuania is seriously getting worse

Television in Lithuania is getting worse. Fist of all, there is much more violent scenes than it was ever before. Even cartoons are getting more and more violent. The most popular topic is “evil against good”. In my opinion parents should not allow there children to watch such offensive content, because it can seriously damage their mind. Secondly, there is some strange fashion in Lithuanian TV channels – all the movies are repeated at least twice a year. So usually there is nothing interesting to watch, unless one wants to learn the scenario by heart. What is more, according to psychologists the enormous popularity of soup operas is quite dangerous. More and more people get addicted to watching soups. They do not miss a single episode. As a result some of them cannot even distinguish their own life from soup opera. To sum up, I suppose TV channels should not always think just about their profits. They should carefully choose the material to be shown.