Pop music nowadays

Music has changed a lot within the last 30 years. In sixties or seventies all people knew the names like Elvis Presley or The Beatles. Everybody knew what they liked and everybody liked the same. Nowadays these things have changed, because of many reasons.First of all the variety of bands and singers has increased a lot. It’s impossible to keep up to date with all new artists.Secondly 20-30 years ago singers, such as the king of rock ’n’ roll Elvis Presley, used to break the rules. They were like a blow of a fresh air in the world of music. Nowadays it’s impossible, because there’s nothing crazy left to do thus to surprise audiences.On the whole, today’s youth find pop music great, but they don’t care about lyrics. In my opinion, as all today’s pop is based on love it’s not essential to understand the lyrics. The trouble is that our artists usually sing about the same. It’s quite boring. In fact, some singers can’t even sing without a help of a computer program. They simply don’t have a voice.