taking risks

Taking Risks

All people take risks every day and often they don’t even know about it. Risk is a chance or possibility of something bad or dangerous happening. Some occupations are more risky, others – less. For example, industrialists and managers take risks every day, because they can loose their money and get into debt any time. However, they can even live in poverty all their lives, if they loose companies that they run. Nevertheless that’s not the worst thing that can happen. People who work in emergency services must be on top form, because their job is very dangerous and the likelihood of something bad happening is very big. Experts categorize risks into three groups. The first group contains risks that happen very often, for example when you simply fall down while riding a bike. Next category of risks is classical risks. In these risks there is a strong link between behavior and its results. There are statisticians who evaluate situations, calculate likelihood and make special riskometers. I think that these scales should be very important for us, therefore sometimes we understand the risks very differently. For example, the risk of dying while walking down the street is approximately 5.5. But some people think that risks make life worth living. These people love taking risks and doing extreme sports. They don’t care about their security and they think that things such as base-jumping and speed are very fascinating. To be honest, I don’t think that 200-metre bungee jump is a good idea.