T.Hardy – “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”

T.Hardy – “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”

I recommend you a very sad book about the young girl’s experiences in her hard life. It’s “Tess of the d_Urbervilles. This book is first published in 1891 and it is still one of the most sensitive stories we have about the feelings of a young woman. The author of this novel is Thomas Hardy, who lived since 1840 till 1928. T.Hardy is one of the greatest literary figures of the 19th century. His literary genius is apparent in hiis poems and novels. His novels had an indelible impact during his time and also till date many of his novels inspire theatre productions as well as films. His novels were perceived as irreligious during his time, but instead of it current scholars believe Hardy to be one of the greatest novelists of English literature. One of the striking features of Hardy novels is that human beings are controlled by
and are often a victim of fate. This quality is reflected inn some of his best novels, including also “Tess of the d_Ubervilles”.

“Tess of the d_Ubervilles” is a very sensitive story about a pretty young girl who has to leave home to make money for her family. Tess is clever, but sh

he doesn’t know the cruel ways of the cruel ways of the world. She is a good worker, but she is uneducated. So when she meets a rich young man who says he loves her, she is careful, but not careful enough. She doesn’t love him and later she hates him because he takes from her innocence and she has a child. It’s not her fault bet the world says it is. Later her child dead through illness. Tess starts a new life, she becomes a dairymaid in one dairy and there she acquainted with a young and handsome man. They fell in love, and Tess is not brave enough to tell him her past life because she is afraid too lose him. When they get married, the first night she dared to tell him her story. She was sure he will forgive her, but he didn’t want to understand that she was a child when it happened. They separate temporarily and he leaves to Brazil. After many years he understand his mistake and come back to find his wife, but it’s too late. Tess is married with her dead child’s farther, because he was very generous to her family an
nd her. Tess even was lost her hope, that her love will come back one day. When he comes back, the young lady says too it’s too late, but later she kills her husband and spends a few nice days with her true love. Those few days indemnified those years. Later she is arrested and dead.

So the sadness in this story is that the girl’s life is stained by men’s desires and by death. She overflows with happiness. Her
life could be so happy, but the right man hesitates and the wrong man finds
her first.
In conclusion I can say, that T. Hardy novels are very sensitive and “Tess of the d_Ubervilles”is one of them. Problems which are describing in this book will make you think abou some people, who are really in trouble and sometimes your problems even become pale when you understan the others. Some people would say that these sad incidents were happening just a hundred years ago, but we may look at the present: it happens every day and we can do nothing just watch as the great world destroys Tess as if she had never existed. So I recommend you this book, because it is really wo
orth reading.

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