Should homosexuals have the right to marriage ?

Through many centuries groups of people, even nation were discriminated by others, because their skin colour, appearance, belief , life view, position in society. Not long ago there was big discrimination of black people, which is still continuing till our days, but now there is new victims of discrimination – homosexuals. Discrimination which should have been stoped, but unfortunately it did not.

Every person has a love of his life and wants to show and prove this to them not only by actions, bu ut also bye recognized by the law. Thy want just the same as heterosexuals to have legal document which would make there marriage official and legal. Thirty years ago there was a barrier in getting married of people with different races, but most people overcome this problem, why cant they overcome this barrier as well?

There a re several reason why people say no to the homosexual couples ,but for every reason there is a good argument. One of the reason is s that heterosexual people feel uncomfortable with this marriages. This union of two gay’s or lesbians shouldn’t concern them, it is their life, their happiness and if people would look around them they would see much more problem which they ca

ause, and not homosexuals.

Another reason why people protest of their marriages is that it is offending ,and agents the religion. Many religious such as Christian ,Moslem, Jewish believe that homosexual life style is immoral. There is even the Mormons religion which is agents gay marriages. Also many people believe that man making love to a man betrays everything that is manly. But not every gay is a limp-wresting fairly, many people who are gays are very successful businessmen’s, doctors, layers, position which some normal people don’t get.

There is one more version why people are agents their marriage is that they are afraid. Afraid of not knowing how to act,think with these people, like there would be almost from another pl lanet. Also most people are frightened that the can make heterosexual into homosexuals. Every homosexual person knows that you cant change your sexual orientation, you are born with it. There were organised psychologists, counsellors and even religious therapy trying to change sexual orientation, but all failure, because it is born with one or other orientation.

Even if we live all this factors alone, there is one factor which is very import to every marriage couple is their chilled. By nature ho
omosexual couples cant have children. But if the couple ha a chilled is because of the adapting or other ways bringing a chilled into the family. Every body believes that that chilled will be morally harmed. In United States there are from 2 to 4 million children in homosexual families, which are developed just as well as other children by heterosexual parents. It is shown by studies that children raised by homosexual families are not “disadvantaged in any significant respect relatively to the children.non of the studies support the claim that children will have serious emotional, intellectual or social development problems because of their parents sexual orientation.

Every gay person in this world deals with homophobia and mainly it is a version of racism, which unfortunately the longer man kind lives the mores racism victims there are

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