Should cigarette advertising be banned?

The subject of cigarette advertising has become more controversial and contradictory than it has ever been. I strongly believe that it is rather immoral and should be banned.

To start with, cigarette advertising should be stopped because of the fact that unhealthy product is promoted. In my view, tobacco is a major cause of lung cancer and it also is responsible for heart disease. Besides, smoking can have a harmful effect on non-smokers, for example, when they are with smokers they have no choice but to breathe the same smoke-filled air.

Another major reason in favour of banning cigarette advertising is the fact that it attracts lots of young people. It shows an image with young, beautiful people smoking and having fun which is very appealing to teenagers. In addition to this, they become attracted to this glamorous representation of smoking, which leads them through all their life.

Opponents of this view say, cigarette advertising is the best way to create revenue for the sporting industry which allows for expansion and improvement. Moreover, tobacco producers have a liking to think that since their products are legally sold they have the right to inform the community about it.

In conclusion, I believe that advertising should be used as much as possible to promote healthy products and lead people to good and peaceful lives instead of encouraging teenagers to smoke cigarettes.