What are the causes of unemployment in Lithuania? If you were the Prime Minister what solutions would you suggest to the problem?

Unemployment is one of the most controversial and apparently contradictory themes’ in Lithuania. The growth of the global economy is leaving thousands of workers behind. Inequality, unemployment and poverty are the signs of this. Rapid technological change and heightened international competition are damaging job markets. That’s why the problem of unemployment has become a matter of national concern in our country in the last few decades. There are several the most common causes of it, as well as a few solutions to the problem.

Firstly, I would like to point out, that our country faces with the high rates of competition. I assume, that international sales is one of the biggest problems nowadays. It becomes more and more difficult to look for a gap in the the commercial markets and then invent something to fill that gap.

Secondly, it is popularly believed that, rapid technological advancement and the use of computers creates surplus of unskilled labour. In addition to this, it is frequently said that the more jobs are done by computers, the less are done by people.

Furthermore, unskilled labour pushes down wages. Due to this, some of workers are suffering from crime, drug abuse and violence.

Finally, dozens of various goods are procuced by developing countries, as a result workers in our country have less and less to do.

But, on the other hand there is always a way out and the right mixture of solutions to the problem of unemployment can be found. It seems that retraining workers is the best key to solving the problem of unemployment and unequal pay, but the trouble is that while more training programmes are needed, there is less and less money available to fund them.

Apart from this, government should do its best to create jobs and work programmes for young people and reduce crime rates. Moreover, the immigration of skilled workers actually helps the economy, as it supplies talents that are acquired, creates businesses and jobs and raises output.

To sum up, all countries in the world face with the problem of unemployment and Lithuania is also suffering from it. In my view, the starting point for any positive policy is to make the reduction of unemployded people as the main goal and try to do everything to reach it.