In Lithuania different government offices provide many services. For example they help unemployed people find jobs, give poor people money, build and repairs roads and hospitals, give licenses for driving or getting married, and enforce the law. We can not imagine our life without the help of certain services such as: a post office, a hairdresser’s, a bank, a laundry or various medical institutions.
We need these services very often. One of them is a post office. Most people begin eaarly in life to send and receive mail. The mail serves as a connection between members of a family, between friends, and between producers and consumers. It not only delivers or sends letters and other mail, but it also controls the telegraph and the telephone. We buy stamps, send letters, parcels, and telegrams or get post restate letters at the post office. There you can send a registered letter or ordinary one. You can have air- mail, surface mail, registered maail or special delivery.
One of the newest means of communication nowadays is fax. Usually office clerks use fax machines to send and to receive the information. Faxes are so popular nowadays that they became an inseparable part of daily wo


It goes without saying that we make calls almost every day by using various kinds of telephones including mobile line. We have to dial a desired number and wait till somebody picks up the receiver. If the line is engaged we try it again. Telephone is one of the most useful inventions because it helps us to change information quickly and easily communicate with people.
One more service, which is really useful for us, is bank. There are lots of bank and their branches in Lithuania that provide us with various services concerning credits, loans, savings, exchanges and others. It is not safe to keep money at home so people are advised to open accounts in any bank of thhe country. There you can perform various bank operations such as: transfer money to another bank, pay for services or purchase, send bank confirmation letter when you buy something big and valuable, pay by cheque, in cash or use your card. Also banks are these places where you pay bills. Usually a bank charges a fee for operating the cheque account.

Other important service is garage. People always take their cars to a garage to carry out repairs. It is also in
ndistinguishable thing in our life because it is necessary for all people who are having their own cars. If there is something wrong with your private car you can’t drive safely. A garage man tests your car: does oil changes, checks the tires, charges the battery, measures the headlights, rear lights and does other minor and major repairs. People prefer having cars with low running costs. If people can afford they can apply to special garages according to the mark of a car, which provide services for certain types of cars.
After Lithuania regained its Independence there were established lots of new links and relations with foreign countries. In this case a number of foreign embassies were founded in our country to fulfil the duties of foreign affairs and to help people with visas.
In conclusion, the more developed society is the more we have to apply for the services of different institutions hoping that a specialist will do the job better than any individual may do on his or her own.

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