Every day we run the risk, somehow. I think, it would be difficult to count, how many times a day we take the risk. Most of the times we even do not notice it. Personally I do not believe, that we notice more then 10% of all this risky stuff. All risky things, which we face every day we can easily divide into three main groups:

There is lot of risky things, about which we do not know anything. And of course, wee do not worry about it to much. We do not care, that loud noise has influence to color-blindness. We do not know how many harmful material we inhale with polluted air. We do not know what kind of chemical material was used to make ice-cream, which we eat, look so nice. At last, are you sure, that you know all diseases, which threaten to you? We run the risk, this way.

Second group of risky things would be risk, abbout which we know and which we ignore. I am sure, that everybody knows about tabacco and lungs cancer. I am not sure, that everybody cares. It is maybe because these dangerous things, like smoking, crossing street not in pedestrian cr

rossing, eating lot of junk food are quite invisible. If we could see how Tobacco damages our lungs in real-time through microscope – we won’t smoke. If we could see man, who dies in car accident near by us – we won’t cross street not in pedestrian crossing anymore. What can you say about junk food and heart diseases? Sure, they are related. But until you can not see this relationship with the naked eye – you’ll keep eating junk fund and run a risk to die.

Third, and of course, most interesting group of dangerous things and actions – things, which we are worried about. We notice them. We are afraid of them. We thing, that we will decrease the level of risk by avvoiding them. We discuss about them: what is less risky – plane, car or ship? We thing, that right decision will help us to save our lifes or make them longer.

I am sure, that right decision about decreasing level of risk would be very simple. Less thinking about it. Do not make silly things, just less worry about safety, which is related with cars, ships, planes, youth wars in the streets, guns, chemical stuff in air, neutral power stations, falling asteroids, et

tc. Enjoy life. That’s best decision.

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