What does it mean to recycle? Recycling is the return of material to a previous stage of a cyclic process, especially conversion of waste to reusable material. Glass, paper, and aluminium are materials which are successfully recycled from domestic waste. In contrast, plastics, which are an increasing component of waste, present many problems in recycling, associated with the difficulties in identifying and separating different types and a relatively low demand for the recycled material. You would say that recycling has only advantages, but this is not true. Firstly recycling is very expensive and small countries do not have enough money to recycle their wastes, whereas in many developed countries recycling is being actively encouraged by new legislation and by economic incentives. Secondly recycling uses more energy. However there are more advantages then disadvantages in recycling. Biggest advantage of recycling is that we save our planet. I mean if all countries would encourage local companies to recycle wastes we don’t have global problems like acid rains, global warming and etc. Finally I want to say that recycling is the best way to save