Reasons of mooving from city to country

In nowadays people are moving from big towns to the countries because of many reasons. The most important causes are that the country is a safe place to bring up children, there you can find houses with lower prices, which are far from traffic and has healthy environment. But also there are many disadvantages, such as long car journeys to school, no shops or hospitals nearby and you are living far away from your friends.

Generally there are more advantages off living in the country than living in the city. Firstly, people who live in the country suffer far fewer health problems than those who live in the city. Because of a lower pollution the air is cleaner and fresher and people are spending much more time in nature than people from town. Those who care of their children are moving advisedly to countries, trying to make their lustiness better. Also the country is safer place for children because of a lower traffic and lower crime.

On the other hand there are some disadvantages too. The biggest problem is that there are no hospitals and shops nearby. It makes your life difficult, because if you are injured you must go lo

ong distance to nearest hospital. By the way, this problem is relevant if you want to go to the school or buy some food in the shop. These problems and big distance from your friends make your life uncomfortable.

Personally I think that I would like to live in the country. It’s the best place to create family and raise your children.

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