Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Diana Spencer was born on the first of July 1961 in Sandringham in England. She had two older sisters and a young brother. In childhoods she liked games, swimming, running and dancing. She wanted to become a dancer. Besides she loved children very much and at the age of sixteen she worked in schools for very young children.
Diana became the princess, when Prince Charles, the Queen’s son, asked her to be his wife and they got married. They seemed to be e a happy couple at first. They had two sons. They traveled a lot, they worked a lot, and they visited many countries together. But Diana was not quite happy because they did different things and Charles didn’t understand her.

She was a kind woman. Hundred of people talked about Diana’s kindnesses. She liked ordinary people, though she was rich and had many rich friends. Whenever she was, she was always ready to lead a hand. She was devoted to the si ick and the poor. She visited hospitals for people with AIDS and for lepers and wasn’t afraid to touch them, talk to them, listen to them. She worked on children’s charities, and had teamed up with Hillary Clinton in an ef

ffort to ban landmines. And it’s not only money that she wanted to give people. She wanted to give them a part of her soul, to make them happy because she was unhappy herself. She wanted to give them love, because she needed love herself.
Diana was seen many times in floods of tears, because of the pressures of her loveless 15-year marriage. It is not a secret that Diana was hounded and humiliated to the point of mental breakdown and was able to pull through only because she knew she had the love of the people to buoy her in her darkest hours.
She was, indeed, the people’s Princess.

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