Present and past tenses

Present and past tenses

Present simple (every day, usually)
(+) V, he/she/it Vs (I go; she goes)
(-) don’t doesn’t V (I don’t go; she dosen’t go)
(?) do/does  V. ?
Where do you go?
Does she go to the seaside? Yes ,she does./No she dosen’t.

Present continuous (now , at the moment.)
(+) am/is/are Ving (I’m going ;she’s going)
(-) am not/ isn’t/aren’t Ving (I’m not going; she isn’t going)
(?) am /is/are  Ving .?
Where are you going?
Is she going o the seaside? Yes,she is./No,she isn’t.)

Present perfect (already , yet, just ,ever)
(+) have / has V3 (

(I’ve lost my key)
(-) haven’t / hasn’t V3 (She hasn’t done her homework.)
(?) have / has  V3

What have you done?Have you been to the London? (Yes,I have.No,I haven’t.) Present perfect continuous (for.since.)
(+) have/has been Ving (I’ve been waiting.)

(-) haven’t/hasn’t been Ving (she hasn’t been playing.)
(?) have/has been Ving
Where have been playing tennis?
Have you been running? (Yes, I have./No I haven’t.)
Past Simple (yesterday, last summer .)
(+) V2 /ed (I went to the park;we watched TV)
(-) didn’t V (She didn’t go there)
(?) did  V.?
Where did you go?
Did you pl
lay football? (Yes I did./No I didn’t.)

Past continuous (when.., while.)
(+) was/where Ving (I was watching TV, when.)
(-) wasn’t/weren’t Ving (she wasn’t here)
(?) was/were  Ving.?
What where you doing?
Were you playing tennis?(Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t.)
Past perfect
(+) had V3 (I could’t get into the ho
ouse, because I had lost my key.)
(-) hadn’t V3 (She hadn’t lost her key.)
(?) had  V3 .?
Where had you left your bag?
Had you seen her before? (Yes , I had./No ,I hadn’t.)

Past perfect continuous
(+) had been Ving (I had been playing.)
(-) hadn’t been Ving (she hadn’t been playing.)
(?) had  been Ving .?
What had you been doing?
Had she been playing football? (Yes,she had./No, she hadn’t.)

Future forms

I’m leaving tomorrow.
My train leaves at 9.30.
I’m going to leave tomorrow.
I’ll leave tomorrow.
I’ll be leaving tomorrow.
I’ll have left by this time tomorrow.

present continous
present simple
(be)going to
future continuous
future perfect