Pocket money spoils teenagers

Pocket money spoils teenagers

Do not you worrying that more and more teenagers’ star to smoke, get drunk and use drugs? I personally believe that we must fight with this problem and the best way to do; it is not to give a lot of pocket money for the children.

To begin with, the teenagers who get a lot of pocket money are three times more likely to get bad habits than to buy a new book or other good things. For in nstance, when a teenager gets pocket money he can allow himself everything he wants like going to the party and getting drunk. If he did not have any money, he could not go whenever he wants.

In addition parents believe that children could make their own decision and that drugs alcohol, cigarettes are not a problem for their child. But usually stressed-out and bored teenagers who get pocket money are more likely to do a crime. For example, a teenager can be ecome a criminal he can not resist the temptation to alcohol, drugs, so he do a crime because at that moment he did not understand he is doing, because he got drunk.

On the other hand, some teenagers who get pocket mo

oney do not expend it on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Instead of this they the things they need. For instance a boy is very interested in skating, but father doesn’t buy him skates, so he is saving pocket money so that he could buy skates.

All in all, in my opinion pocket money spoils teenagers because they are weak people and there is no doubt that they will use this money in the wrong way.

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