Plans and ambitions


Everybody have plans, which help us to get our ambitions. We can see the results of ambitions: fame, money and popularity. When I was just a little girl I usually dreamed about becoming an actor. But the reason probably was films and film stars I believe that they stimulated my desire to become a hero in real life. But now I’m a student. Now I can’t see my future vision, because life’s ways are very different. It is really hard to imagine something real because these days’ people usually graduate from university but do different jobs. The future will show everything. Everyone wants to become an extra important person – and have a good position starting with manager, dentist, politician and finishing being a president. I think that the power of money makes us do so despite. I don’t know everything about us – human beings, I want to help others and at last I would like to leave this world with a smile – I have done something good. I think we must try to find our own direction and destination in this life. We should listen to our hart. Talking about my plans, I’m thinking of getting my university diploma and to continue my studies. After that I believe I will get a good job and I will do something good to other people. Not all of the people can be famous and rich, but we can be happy and then, when we are doing, what we want to do in this world.