Living in abroad


Many people go to live in abroad looking for the better life. Especially now, when Lithuania is a member of ES (European Union) and a human can go in every Europe country. Also Lithuanian people can go to America, but than they become immigrants. However, living in abroad has advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, living in abroad get a chance to earn money and have a successful business. Secondly, a man can live with his family and has the same life as his country. Moreover, people which living in abroad say, that a human can have independence. He does what he wants, nobody tells him what to do. On the other hand, living in abroad has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, it can be stressful experience. A human can begin to miss everything – his mother, brother, friends, his home, the food and so on. Moreover, it can be very strange. In abroad, life runs faster, than in native country. Finally, in other country are different culture, traditions and sometimes a person can’t relax and adapted. In conclusion, I must to say that, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages living in the other country. If a human wants to go abroad he must to think about it very good.