People’s hobbies and weaknesses


There are many different hobbies and ways to spend weaknesses. Every human likes different things and activities which he does for his pleasure. Hobby and weaknesses have nothing with a man’s profession; it is just for his pleasure. Nowadays, in my opinion, one of the most interesting weaknesses ways is shopping. When, each season of shopping goes to an end and every can buy his necessary thing cheaper, it gives more satisfaction because, we can save money. My hobby is traveling. The traveling always gives me the emotional refreshment when I visit unknown places. I can say that nature is my home. I like camping on a bicycle trip, I like walking in the forest. It is very interesting to see the birds and to hear their sounds. I like visit other countries see their traditions and meet new people. Furthermore, scuba diving, surfing, jumping, had increase in popularity, because that more and more people are looking for excitement. Almost everyone collects something at some period in his life: stamps, coins, matchboxes, books, records, postcards, toys, watches. Some collections have no real value. Others become so large and so valuable that they are housed in museums and galleries. Finally, knitting, fishing, reading, gardening are also useful hobbies. In conclusion, I think that all hobbies and weaknesses are useful, and very interesting. Hobbies differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. Hobbies and weaknesses increase our knowledge and give good mood.