advantages and disadvantages of having computer at home

nowadays about 80 percent people have a computer at home. Somebody has computer like a toy, somebody for work, somebody for information and somebody for learning. Also computer has a lot of disadvantages.

Computer is a machine which makes about one million operations per second. man can’t do it. so computer helps very much, if we use it correctly. Who works in accounts department or something like that, they can’t imagine there work without computer. Nowadays lots of us can’t live without TV, the same is with the INTERNET. Lot’s of people the INTERNET is the main source of the information. Computer is much easyer way to learn languages, it is like your own teacher at home without other payment. Also we can use PC for the relaxation. Nothing can’t change easy listening music after hard working day or comedy movie. Computer is very powerfull machine because you can work, use internet, listen to the music, watch films at the same time.

certainly computer has and disadvantages. good computer isn’t very cheap, sometimes average family can’t buy powerfull computer, so when computer brokes it takes lot’s of money to restore it. computer also has disadvantages and in biological way. after long sitting with computer and watching to the monitor eyes become very tired and it’s can be very dangerously for the sight. using computer in wrong way can take from you lot of free time.

my opinion that computer is very good machine, because it gives us community, makes our work to go faster and easyer, at last we can relax with it. people who thinks that computer has more disadvantages, lots of people who has computers at can prove them that they are not right!