Person I admire – Denis Rodman

Most people have someone whom they admire, someone who is special to them for his or her nobles and courage. Maybe sometimes we think that we don’t have any heroes at all, because it seems that there are no perfect people at all in this world, but still there is someone we like, someone who has done things that we would like to do, someone that we really admire and someone who encourages us to live.Denis Rodman is a person I admire. He is a black sheep in a crowd as he differs from others in his appearance, the way of life and behaviour. He is aged 28, about 2 meters heigh. He has curly hair with ever changing colour. Rodman has two tatoos on his shoulders, one of them stating that “The world is mine”. He is famous all over the world for playing profesional basketball and making slaps in his life. Rodman worked as an aeroport cleaner, used drugs and even tried to kill himself. Until the day NBA scout noticed him playing basketball in the street and invited to the team training. Soon he was enrolled into the team and his life changed

he differs from others by his behaviour and clothing style. And apart from that he is easy going, he can easily chat with the news media with a good sence of humour. Robbie Williams is a crazy millionier, which is popular between women because he is not married yet but I think he doesn‘t want to. Williams is always shown on TV and magazines for his not ordinary behaviour. I think he knows what his fans want to see or hear, and they get it. Robbie differs from the crowd, he is a blach sheep. And it is good because he is not boring.