Sport is liked in every country. Young and old people go in for sports. Football has especially many fans. It_s very difficult to get the ticket to the stadium when football match takes place there. Thousands people watch matches on TV. When the favourite team wins, fans are very happy , but if favourite team loses, fans are usually upset. Young fans then usually get drunk and go to the streets breaking everything. For example in GB The Liverpool Football Club was not allowed to play in international championships because of behaviour of their fans. I think it wasn_t great for people of the country because football is liked very much in UK.There are also amateur clubs throughout GB. The members of these clubs meet at weekends and play for their pleasure.Other major sports in GB are cricket and rugby-football. The most popular in GB is football. They call this game “soccer.” But most people of GB like practising walking, jogging, swimming, playing tennis, etc. In Lithuania people like sports too. The major sport in Lithuania is basketball, the most known team is “Zhalgiris”. The base of “Zhalgiris” formed the team which participated in Olympic Games and won bronze medals. Now there are LKL association. It was created two years ago. The most famous basketballers are Sabonis and Marchiulionis. Both of them are now playing for foreign teams. Another popular sport in Lithuania is football. But skills of our professional teams are low, so our country hasn_t won any prize in international championships.Lithuanians like playing tennis, swimming, etc.I like sports too. My favourite sports are f-1 and basketball. I’m not a good player, because I play for my pleasure. Sometimes I play table-tennis with my friend. It’s very interesting game. It’s groove my reaction.