Crime has been a growing problem all over the world. I would like to mention that nowadays our life isn_t safe. It seems that police or government can_t guarantee public safety. No one can live in peace and feel safe even in his own home. Crimes are divided to some main categories: stealing, violence, vandalism and political ones. Some crimes are not very serious such as stealing, some are dangerous- kidnapping.If I were a minister, in order to reduce crime, firstly I would establish more activity centers for youngsters. It is now estimated that teenagers commit more than half of non-serious crimes. The main explanation for this, to my mind is that young people are in lack of after school activities. More gyms, sporting centers, Internet cafes should be established in order everyone could have an opportunity in cheap activities. Schools should also try to help solve that problem and organize some lectures for students about crimes, drugs, how drugs can make people do very bad things. A teenager criminal is not so dangerous like a professional criminal, who has got lots of experience in that sphere. So secondly, government should raise funds of police. Even now, our police sometimes don’t have money for petrol. How can they be in crime place at time if they are going from one place to another by public transport? Another negative thing about police funding is wrong money dispention. Departments, which investigate serious crimes, should get bigger funding than for example police working in highways. And the last thing government should do is to organize more free of charge cultural events. In such festivals social people have opportunities to spend their time, watching plays

In conclusion I would like to say that crime exists from ancient times and it will exist until the end of human era, but if one of the ministers completed all those three tasks, crime rate would definitely fall down.