people who like to be different

People who like to be different

Every periods’ older people’s horror are different groups of young people. They don’t want to be like all people so they try to do everything to become different. At first sight they look very original, but a lot of ideas are taken from groups which were before. Needless to say that there are some popular groups until now.
Their golden age is the end of the eight decade. You can recognize them from their coiffure which is interesting because of a lot of pancreases. Their leg decorations is also very important. It’s motoboots, haki. They always wear silver rings. Obviously not very orginal tattoos are also a part of their style. Very often they have parties with their old friends. In theory they like horror films, music creation.
Their golden age is eight decade. Very often they have long hair. They like to wear long skirts with national patters. The most important thing for them is a lot of bands and strings on their hands, heads or legs. They haven’t any special place where they spend their freetime, so you can find them everywhere because they are hanging around the streets. They like to listen to the music. You can see them listening such groups as “The Beatles”, “Doors”.
Stylish people
They were popular in every time and they are popular until now. They haven’t so much different traits as metallists or punks. They wear classical shoes, coats, trousers wich are level very carefully. The most important thing is their coiffure for which doing they need about an hour and a lot of gel. Stylish people don’t like public places so they meet in the closed parties. They want to know all news