coping with adults

once my friend rang me.he invited me to a party.i was very happy.but my parents said to me:you wont got anywhere. my friend called and talked to them, but even he couldn’t convince my mum and parents made my blood boil.
after some time i spoke to my mum and she explained that they didn’t let me to a party cause they were afraid that smth will happen to me. such problems are in almost every teenagers life.the contacts between different generations is a normal thing.whatever u’ll say,u wont find a teenager who hadn’t coped with his or her parents.the arguments sta-
rts for such things as :money,goout,appearence,marks,chores and smo- king,drinking or even drugs.u know,anybody will let his or her children bechave bad and not listen what parents say.of course pupil didn’t like listen their parents and they want to show that they are clever and………enough.that’s the beginning of all my opinion if u r having problems with ur parents try talking things over with them.tell them what u think but be prepared to listen to them as well.remember that ur parents
love u and they only want whats best for u.i tried it and i know it’s true