To start with let’s talk about facts. A research in the UK shows that the 22% of the secondary students are regular smokers. In britain it is illegal to sell tobacco produkts to anyone below the age of 16. and about USA.first smooking was banned on trains, buses and plains. Then in public places such as theatres and airports. Now you can’t smoke in any workplaces. In 1996 nicotine was classed as one of the drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin. In the country that gave tobacco to the world smoking might be illegal.apart from that smoking has got it’s advantages and first disadvantages:
it Kills 50,000 people a year
it doesn’t only demage your health,but the health of those around you
each cigarette knocks five minutes of your life
it causes a loung councer
so…on the face of it o lot of poeple smokes.the factors wich influence young poeple to smoke suggests that parents aproval or disaproval of the habits.this is major factor. Young smokers are also influenced by friends, older brother or sister or even parents.young people smokes for such reasons :
they want to become one of them
forget their problems
look more sexual
easier to adapt try new things or even to grow up
in my pinion these smoking advantages are unreasonable….you can solve these problems in other ways….people who smoke for such reasons loox blunt…but i cant swim against the current