A range of human feeling


There are many human’s feelings: like love, friendship, liking, disliking and so on. Every of them, help us to know, what we are feeling.

Humans differ from animals a lot. We can understand what we are feeling and control our feelings. Feelings help us to communicate. When we see that someone is sad we can try to pick up his mood.

There are two main categories of feelings. I could name them good and bad feelings. Good feeling, foor example, is sympathy, because everything begins from it.

What about love? I think that, the most popular feeling is love. When we are in love we can feel, that we can do anything. It makes us to fly, and it looks that we can reach the clouds! This feeling also depends to group of good feelings, but it has a lot of kinds: it can be romantic love, platonic love, familiar love, religious love, and so on.

Friendship plays ann important part in our life. The real friends always help when we have problems, and we can trust him and say all our secrets. We must have a lot of friends, because life is impossible without friends.

The secondly ca

ategory of feelings are bad feelings. Because we can also feel that one thing or people are dislike to us, every of us have person who are disliked.

In conclusion, I must to say that, there are many different feelings which we can feel every day. Today, we can be in love, tomorrow we can feel disappointed our life. But these feelings help us to know better our life.

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