our mind is truly incredible!

I chose to speak about our invaluable property-our mind. Because our mind is truly incredible! What is it that gives us the power to change the world? It is our mind. Ever since its awekening human beings have been thinking, aspiring(siekia karjeros), exploring and changing their lives. The brain has been compared to a computer. The analogy (panasumas) has a power, but it is quite an understatement (sumenkinimas). Science has discovered many of the connections that appear to give the brain/mind so much control over our bodies (health, wellness, youthfulness (jaunatviskumas)) and our destinies (success, learning, wealth and prosperity(gerove). Still, what we have discovered is only the tip of the iceberg. However, the human body is like a machine, and without a console it will lose all its power and capasity. It is always in need of control. And this fate undertakes the main engines of the body:heart and brains.The soul-it is like inside loading energy, like gravity, without which machine will never be able to back to the working condition. The soul puts out shoots and originate(sukelia) feelings, thoughts, actions. Then they are getting through the heart, where they are cultivated in a sensitive way. After that they are percolated into brains,the most importante place. As we all know our brains are devided into The Left Hemisphere”(purutulis): The Rational(protingas) Mind controls your logic and reason. It analyzes the information and organizes it into a logical framework(sistema) Here all logical thinking arises. And The Right Hemisphere: The Creative, Intuitive Mind is non-discriminating. It absorbs information without questions or any analysis. Here all passions,love and other feelings arrises.Thoughts are everything for us. Cause all that we are is the result of what we have thought………………..We need thought to organize our lives and communicate with other.Thought borns in the heart but because of our ability to think and analyse things we can change them .Very often the heart and brain turn different ways, so that’s why we should find a write decission. And more often it comes from the brain. Because people are not so open and they wont receive deepest thoughts from the heart. Our life is what our thought make it. We do change our life when we change our thinking.It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our great thoughts make things beautiful, but at the same time make things ugly and upset us. The whole world is in our own minds.