my best friend

I want to tell you a little bit about one of my best friends.My best friends full name is Ona, but her nickname at school or mirce onyte.SHe was born in Klaipeda and she`s living up to now. ONa is seventeen years old. She is 1.70cm tall and her weigh’s about 53 kilos. She has long not very dark hair.Her eyes are blue and her lips are thin.Her nose straight.I think She is very beautiful girl..:)She is one of those girls, who are always good-tempered, because she has a kind smiley face and she is always friendly and pleased to see you. I can mention that she is generous by nature. That’s why she is always surrounded by friends. Another reason why she has lots of friends is that she could never let her friends down and tell a lie. So taking everything into account, she is frank, modest, just, flexible, patient, and always determined to do her best. Also I have to mention that she is likely to be communicative and talkative with her friends. What I like in on’os character is that she is always affectionate, cheerful, conscientious, considerate and reliable person.She is always very easy-going about lots of things, and she doesn’t worry about her life and the way she looks.She is interested in music and nice boys.:) ona likes to listen to all the kinds of music if it is popular, so I think she hasn’t her favourite group or singer. She likes to watch TV too,i think her favourite programme is …. :)She hates people who are lying,smoking and drinking all the time.Gerda likes chocolate, sweets and so on.I like ona, because she makes me laugh, I think she is very interesthing and nice person who has got a good sense of humor, that’s why she is my best friend!