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Baltijos 5-24

29th November 2004 m. lapkritis 29 d.

The Manager
Baltic Innovation Group
16 Merkinės Street

Dear Sir:

I am twenty years old and I have finished Kaunas Milikonys secondary school. I am studying economy in Kaunas Techology University. I know English, German and Russian languages. I have computer skills. I can work with MS Word, MS Excel computer programs; also I know some MS Access program. I have worked in Mc‘Donald a waitress for 2 years,so I have interpersonal skills. I have finished to listen business seminar which coontinued for 3 months and after it I got, managerial, financial skills. I am ready to get needful knowledges and skills.

I know that your company is promising in new projects direction, so I want to begin my career in it.

I can arrive for a personal interview at any time and I am ready to answer for any other questions. My telephone number is 869986544.

Respectfully yours,


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