Nowdays it’s dangerous

Nowdays it’s dangerous

Nowdays it’s dangerous at night and in the daytime in Lithuania. The number of crimes is increasing. The main crimes are burglaries, cars thefts, rapes. Besides, there are many various swindle cases.

What is more, we are not safe in the streets, because muggers can attack us any time.

Criminals are seldom found and punished. Criminal victims are usually expected to pay their own medical bills or bills for any property damaged during the crime. Investigation of such cases last loong and the victim is not generally informed how the case is going on. Many victims of crimes are bitter about their experiences in court.

There are a lot of unfair people whose only purpose is to get money or other kind of property in any way. Nowdays it’s impossible to depend on people or confide in them. Most of businessmen are obliged to pay a tribute to mafia. They must pay a tribute because they want to have their own buusiness and they are afraid to be victims of blasting.

It’s very dangerous not only for our people but also for foreigners. They lose cars’ money or other kinds of property.
There are many pickpockets in Lithuania. They work very professionally in bu

uses, trolleybuses, shops, markets, stations.

More and more often women become victims of ropes. They are being mugged at any place and at any time. Very often our women prefer staying indoors when it starts getting late.

There are many car accidents nowdays as well. Intoxicated drivers lose control of the cars and run into other cars or even people. Though the fine for driving a car drunk is rather high, many drivers do not think they might kill people.

Juvenile delinquency has become a serious problem as well. The most urgent youth problems are narcotics, alcohol, shoplifting and also mugging. Teenagers become addicted to bad habits at a very early age, so government and parents should solve the youth problem and prevent thhem from crimes and bad habits.

Some people rob and commit crimes, because of hunger or poverty. But the worst thing is what, if you are poor and can’t afford to have a good lawyer, you can be convicted of murder and imprisoned even being completely innocent. Sometimes it is very sad, because there is one law for the rich and another for the poor people.

If I were the minister of Justice I would make some changes. Firstly, I would se
end more policemen to patrol in the street – especially in the evening, so that people could go for a walk without fear. Secondly, I would restore death punishment. Very dangerous criminals would die and wouldn’t be social burden.

Finally, I would tighten laws and improve very strict punishments. I think all those changes have effect and there would be less crimes in Lithuania.

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