My school

Our school is old. It is not very large. It is in Žlibinai. There is a playground near our school. In front of our school there is a nice garden with flowers and trees. We have a lot of classrooms in our school. Not every teacher tachers his subject in a special classroom. There is a very good English Room in our school. The Mathematics Room is good too. I like the Mathematics Room best, because it is our classroom. Our English Room is on the first floor. I like it, because there are new desks and chairs, there are a lot of flowers and it’s very light there. The subject I like best is English. We have it in the English Room on the first floor. There is a museum near the classes. It tells us about the history of our school. There are about one hundred and eighty-eight schoolchildren at our school this year. They all go to school in the morning. We can have our lunch at school. We all love our school. We often clean our classrooms, look after the flowers and trees.