My scary story :)

My scary story:)

It was three years ago.
“Don’t swim in the sea” my father said as I left house. It was sunny day before two days before our holiday was over. The beach was lovely and the waves weren’t big.
I was swimming in the sea when suddenly I looked up and saw fife meter wave is going to hit me. I tried to escape, but it was too late. The wave hit me ant took away me into the rocks. I knnocked my head and I lost consciousness. I don’t know what happened next, but I woke up in the ambulance. It was taking me into hospital which is somewhere in the mountains. Ambulance was speeding along in rainy air. As it was turning a sharp corner the back tires skidded on the wet road. Ambulance felt down the mountain. The back doors opened ant cart were I was laying dropped out of it. A cart was going down like ambulance annd a cart stumbled to rock. I was flying into the sea. I saw a ship and preyed to fell in it. I don’t how but I fall in it but I fell on the head. I lost consciousness again. So

ome passengers helped me and I woke up. They were asking me if I’m alive. I told them that I’m not hurt. I got up of floor and thought “it can’t be worst than it is now”. But I was wrong!:)
The weather started foggy, so captain didn’t see the rocks. Our ship crashed into these rocks. The engines stopped and water started rushing into the ship. The ship was sinking. All people screamed like babies and run to the lifeboats, of course I was running too. Some passenger lifted me into one of the boats. I was shocked. When I turned back I only saw that ship was disappeared into the sea. The boat was sailing into the shore. AAfter two hours we reached the shore and I was thanking God that I’m alive.
Anyway I saw my house and I run in it. I told my parents what happened, but they didn’t believe me. They were just laughing at me.:)

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