my pet


I have got a nice pet. My pet’s name is Rikis. He is a dog. His brad is dochshund. Rikis is a boy. He likes to play and we have great fun playing together. I love my dog very, very much.

My dog does look is black. His fur is black. Rikis front paws are black and back paws are black. His snout is black and oblong. His eirs are very little and nice. His eyes are green and perk. Hiis tummy is black, dumpy and soft. He is a small and very, very nice dog.

I keep Rikis outside. He has a dog house. His house is green and nice. His house is warm. He likes to live outside. Sometimes I take Rikis to my room, but he quickly wonts to go outside again.

I feed my dog on meat and soup. He has a woter always. Rikis don’t like vegetables very much, but he likes ice cream, cakes, chocolate,sweets and frruits.

I take him care every day. I comb his fur, clean his a house and have for a walk. Rikis has food dish, water bowl and her comb. I train my dog good habits, I hiss and chide when he do

oes something wrong. I take him to the vet for vaccinations time by time.

Rikis likes to go for a walk with me, playing with me and he runs and jumps. He likes hury the bones. Rikis likes to lick my face and hands when I feed it on. Rikis dislikes strangers very much. He doesn’t sleep a lot, because he keeps my house.


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