My memories of primary school days

I remember my days in the primary school. My first day, my first lesson in the school stacked in my memory very well. It was early morning of 1 September in 1988. My father saw me to my new school. I was terrified in that big building. I did not know anyone in my new school; I had no friends in my new school, because I had not ever been to the kindergarten (I had been growing with my grandparent at home). I remember very well, when I came to my first classroom. It was very big and full of toys, books and strangers. My father gave to me a pen and pencil and I sat into my first desk. My little heard was beating very hard and I did not know what to expect for and what would happen. Moreover, one more thing I remember very well is one girl, which came and sat in my desk. She had very big ribbon in his hair. Now I cannot remember who was she. Soon my first teacher came in. She was very nice and sweet. Her name is Elvyra Bandzevičienė. I think that my primary school days were most cheerful and most careless days in my whole life. Then I was going to the school with a big desire. Soon all the children in the class became good friends. We were playing and learning together every day. We started to write and read. Although I had already learned to read and write, it was very interesting and charming. We were active and wanted to know everything in the world. In the intermissions time we were playing with toys: boys with cars and girls with puppies. In the corridor, we had to walk in pairs by circle. We always wanted to run in the corridors, but teachers always stopped us and ordered to go by circle in pairs.

Primary school gave us a base knowledge and cognition. It formed our mentality and psychology. Now we can thank primary school for our joyful, pithy childhood. Thank You!