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Money matters

I’d like to talk about money matters. Well, everybody knows, that a large proportion of money teenagers get from their parents. So do I, I get a great part of my money from pocket money and just a tiny minority from gifts of money. My pocket money is a modest 3 eurus a week. Besides, I spend a vast majority of money for lunch during lessons, also I spend on clothes or books. Talking about saving money. I am really trrying to save as many money as I can. So, what is left from pocket money or gifts I put in the box and like that I’m saving. My savings have reached a significant amount of 700 euro. I’m planning to spend my money on computer or on another gadget. For now, I can’t afford a good computer, but in future I will work a part-time job during summer and if I earn a good salary, I will buy it. Now abbout lending money to another people. Personally, I don’t often l. . .

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