My Future Profession

Like all school-leavers I think much about what I shall do after finishing school.There are a lot of professions which are important, useful & very interesting. Engineers & factory workers make a lot of good things for us. Architects & builders build houses to live in. Farmers grow crops & raise cattle to provide food for people. Doctors cure diseases & often save our lives. Teachers don’t only initiate us into different subjects, but shape our minds characters.Giving credit to all these professions I have chosen another for myself. I would rather be an economist. I think it is an interesting & useful occupation. Economists are in a great demand nowadays & that’s why I believe it won’t be a problem to find a good job after the graduation of the University. I would gladly work either at the bank or at a research institute, at a big plant or for a good firm.I hope that I’ll make a good economist because besides my interest in it they say I’m good at mathematics, which quite essential for it.I finished school #23 which specializes in English. I have learnt English for 10 years. I like this language very much & understand how important it is to know foreign languages because now people from different countries cooperate with each other in different spheres of life: in business, industry, agriculture, trade, education, culture, sport, tourism etc.A lot of foreign experts, students, tourists come to our country every year. Our people also go abroad to work at different enterprises, to attend conferences & forums, to take part in competitions & contests.English comes first among foreign languages because it is a world language. English is the mothertongue in GB, the USA, it is spoken in Canada, Australia & it is learnt in fact in all the countries of the world.

I would like to know English well & to speak it fluently. That’s why I would like to be a student of the Department of World Economics. Besides World Economics seems more interesting than just Economics. Like many other people I would also like to spent a year or so abroad working as an economist. It would give me an opportunity to borrow the experience & to see the world.