My favourite season

In my opinion the most pleasant season is the spring. The weather is getting warmer. The days are longer and shinier. The nature wakes up after the wintering. We see the green colour around us. It makes us happier and more cheerful of nature; it is our spirits’ resurrection too. I, for one, like summer, in fact, I prefer it to any other season. The first thing why I like summer is that this season is the beginning of our holidays. Then you needn’t think about studies. You really can feel free. The second thing is that in summer you can travel or have a good time every day. It is nice to visit other countries or old friends. In conclusion, the summer is the best time for entertainments. Strange as it might seem, I like autumn. It is the beautiful season, because the leaves of trees are coloured in different colours. When you see through the window the view seems like a picture. In autumn it often rains but it doesn’t disturb me, because I like rain. After the rain the air smells very fine. So the autumn is the time of the beauty and peace.