My friend

My friend Max

I am not a very sociable person yet there are people whom I can call friends. One of them is Max. He is eighteen. He left school last year and now he’s a student of the University. Max is a future economist. Max is a first year student. He does not have much free time but if he has he likes to spend it in a good company. Max and his friend like to listen to good music, to

o dance, to watch new films and discuss them and do many other interesting things. We often go to the cinemas, to the cafés, concerts and shows. Max is a good friend. He’s always ready to help everybody who needs. My friend knows a lot of interesting facts about music, famous people and history. He is found of driving. Now his car is not very new and beautiful but he hopes to buy another in future.

Spain in 1986 February 11 day. His ho
oroscope Aquarius: their basic impulses are to reform, to create and to understand. They are thinkers and full of unusual, even eccentric ideas to chance the world. They put intense energy into their cause but they can be dogmatic and ev
ven fanatical. They can be rudely tactless and touchy but they’re broad-minded and inventive. They’re frendly but people never know what’s going to happen next when they’re around and they sometimes find it difficult to get close to people. They tend to be impractical and are tremendously likeable, but they resent criticism.

Character: I think he is frank, reliable, affectionate, goodtempered, shy, creative, modest, reliable, sensitive, hospitable, patient, practical, outgoing, sincere, polite and very frendly. He could never let his friends down.

Appearance: He is tall, quite muscular and very nice. His complexion is tanned. His hair is dark and short. His eyes are brown and long eyelashes. His nose is curved. His lips are fool. His cheeks are chubby.