My Favourite Film „The Bear`s Kiss“

My Favourite Film-The Bear`s Kiss

Sergej Badrov is my favourite director , I saw all of his films.The most sagnificunt his work it`s the bears kiss.This film captivate me.

A main character is a teenager Lola witch grows up in a family of European circus performers. Suraunded by eccentric, ofen drunk adults, her only fried is a Siberian bear named Misha,a gift from her father.Lola discovers one morning theat Misha is in reality (or at leas in her mind) a shape-shifting man. It`s aa story about unuseal(anjuzhiuol) love between a heuman and a bear. love and passion. can nor leev a spectator indifferent. .The end of stry is very tragical.Misha ,will never become a man, he will always stay in the bears skin.

One of the most notable elements of the film is the varied music.The sountrack and the one-screen musical performances reffect the typical life of the circus people as they move across Europe.

Both the thematics and the tone of the film are veery unusiual for a Badrov as a director, so it`s difucult to describe this filmI , because every person will found something special fot himself. I just can rocomend to look it, and to have unrepeatable time.

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