My favourite famous people

My favourite famous people

I’m going to speak about person which coherent with movies. First of all I want to say that my favourite sort of movie is a comedy. So I want to tell about one of the most famous and popular actor – Jim Carrey. He was born January 17, 1962 in Ontario, Canada. Jim was the youngest of four children in his family.Each movie with this actor is so amazing, that I and I think majority of all the world people caan watch it all day.

Jim Carrey is now in his mid-thirties. He is of average height, slim. Jim face is oval with high cheekbones and brown eyes, His hair is dark brown and straight. He has snub nose.

Jim Carrey was very funny since his childhood, he was performing in front of classmates in elementary school and making them laugh. He is also very generous, helps people in need. He is donating organizations, which help children whos are in thhe bad way. Jim likes socialize so he prefers to partys than sitting on the sofa and watching tv.

His free-time Jim is trying to spend with daughter. He also really enjoys being with friends – just sitting and socializing thought all da

ay. Other Jim’s pastime is tennis. He loves go to tennis-court with his best friends.

So I want to say, thought Jim Carrey doesn’t have a high school diploma, he become one of the most popular and beloved actor ..

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