My family and environment protection

My family and environment protection

Nowadays everybody speaks about pollution and what a horrible harm people do to the environment. But that who talks a lot usually doesn’t do anything. To my mind we should all care a little bit more about our nature and day after day the Earth will come cleaner. I could mention some things which my family and I do to make our environment cleaner.

Firstly, it came to us as a tradition to bring the litters, to pllant new trees and flowers around our house after the winter season. It is very pleasant outside work, especially if all our neighbors join to help us. The result is that in few hours our yard seems unrecognizable.

Second, the 20th of the March is the Earth day. And every year there is a great fest in our village called ‘Let’s replant the forest’. My parents always take part in it or stand it by money. This tradition already lasts for abbout 20 years.

Next thing, which do not need to spend any extra time is to recycle garbage. My family never put glass, plastic and paper in the same trashcan. We deliver bottles to the bottles bank, metal to the scrap-iron an

nd waste-paper we burn into fireplace.

Finally, during the cold season we heat our house with gas. It is eco-friendly technique, because there aren’t exhaust gas. So the air around our section is more fresh and clean.

However there are a lot of other methods to keep the nature clean, but in my opinion if everybody does as many, we would make real progress in the environment protection.

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