Should animals be kept in zoos?

People of all ages enjoy viewing animals, they would probably never see otherwise. There are many ways to preserve animals’ life. One of them is keeping animals in captivity. I dare say that there is no problem, because many animals are being hunted in forests and they don’t have food or water in winter season. But we have to decide if an animal should be free or not?

There are several points in favour of keeping animals in zoos. First of alll they have got plenty of food and water and also they get medical care in zoos. An another advantage of living in zoos is protection from hunters. Constantly animals have food and they live in their natural housing, I think. Several sorts of animals in zoos live separately, and they have climate and atmosphere similar to that in their natural habitat. Zoos also help people understand how animals live. In addition, zoos teach people about the problems facing wildlife annd about conservation. Furthermore, animals can populate and have descendant in captivity. Zoos breed many endangered species to increase their number.

On the other hand, animals don’t live very happy lives in zoos, because they aren’t free. Captives usually spend their da

ays in tight cages. Moreover, they are lonely in the zoos. All the time they should live at the same place and I can say that they are dependant on humans, because they cannot be released into the wild. When an animal first comes to a zoo, it must adjust to its new keepers, its exhibit mates, and its surroundings.

To sum up, we should stop hunting and deforestation, because animals’ lives are in our hands. To keep animals in captivity is one of the best ways to save fauna lives. I think that animals are only kept in zoos because they need help.

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