My dream house

My Dream House

I have lots of ideas of how my house should look in the future. Of course it’ll be designed by me, myself, and I (and with the help and ideas of others).

First the grounds. I want lots of trees around my house. Weeping willows, oaks, pine/spruce trees, I’ll practically have my own forest! In the backyard I want a big swing set with a lot of different swings, a winding slide, and even a jungle gym! On

n one of the weeping willow trees will be a tree house made like a spaceship. On the inside it will be painted to look like the inside of a spaceship and in the front it’ll have switches and buttons and a joystick so it will be just like in a real spaceship. It will even have real portholes that open so it will be even better.

The house itself will be rather large. The living room will be near th
he front door. It’ll have a brick fireplace to hang my stocking up on Christmas with the TV next to it but not too close. On the walls there is going to be planking in a kind of dark color. Th
he carpet will be light blue. I want the couches velvet and a dark green color. Across from the living room will be the kitchen/dining room. It will have everything a kitchen is supposed to have: an oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink with a disposal, cupboards, perhaps a vending machine or two . The bathroom on this floor will be very unique. The shower curtain will be sea blue, just like you’re looking under water except there won’t be any fish or anything. On the walls inside the shower area it will be designed like you are in a coral reef, tropical fish, dolphins and everything. The knobs of the bathtub will be shaped like starfish and the faucet like a bow he
ead whale. On the sink, the knobs will be shaped like sand dollars and the faucet like a dolphin. In one of the bedrooms on the first floor there will be a hidden closet and in another room there will be a secret passageway leading to the kitchen/dining room and from that room to a cellar located a short distance from the house among some trees.

The second floor will consist mostly of bedrooms, a library, a bathroom, and a si
itting room. My bedroom will be very special. The bed, first of all, will be an old-fashioned four-poster bed. On the bottom of the bed frame will be a few secret compartments where I can hide stuff. Near the right of my bed will be a big window with a window seat and to the left of the window will be my desk. The desk will be spacious with a few secret compartments. There will be a purple-colored carpet on the floor. The ceiling will be very peculiar. On half of it will be painted a night sky with the moon, a few comets, the Big Dipper, northern lights, and stars. The other half will be a daytime sky with the sun and all kinds of clouds except storm clouds. In an inconspicuous corner when you lift up the carpet there will be a trap door. When you lift up the trap door there will be a secret passageway to the same cellar mentioned earlier.

I will have my own library. The bookshelves will be arranged in sort of a maze (except you can find your way out of it). In between the shelves will be beanbags, armchairs, and giant stuffed animals so people can read comfortably. In between some bookshelves will be nooks sort like window seats where you can read and on top will be a light bulb so you will have light to read. On the windows (which will be rather large) will be window seats. At the top of the windows will be stained glass with proverbs, quotes, and the like on it. This library won’t only be for me. Anyone will be able to come and read if they want to. Near the door will be a box of stuffed animals for little kids.

The sitting room I mentioned earlier will be like an old fashioned sitting room. In the center will be some cream colored furniture with embroidered flower on them. Couches, a couple arms chairs, and a chaise. To the side of the furniture arrangement will be a white stone fireplace. The walls will be cream colored. On the walls will be painting of various artists.

The bathroom will be more normal than the one downstairs. The bathtub will be normal sized but old fashioned, it will have gold colored feet. The knobs and faucet on the bathtub will be gold colored. So will the sink. Even the flushy thing on the toilet! The tiles on the floor and walls will be yellow and white. The little rugs in there will be yellow.

The attic will be like any old attic, filled with junk. It will have windows that are circularly shaped like traditional attic windows. But there will be a big oval window about as tall as a person and outside it will be stairs which lead up to a balcony on the roof. Part of the attic won’t be an attic. It will be a room. It will be a room where I can escape to when I’m having a bad day or I just want to be alone. The clock in there will have the numbers jumbled at the bottom and it will say, “Who cares?” It will have a window on each of the three walls that face outside but not on the one inside of the attic.

On the roof will be something very peculiar. On the side where the roof meets the walls, it will be flat and it will be a balcony all the way around. And around it will be a metal rail. On the top where the roof is supposed to peak it won’t peak, it will be flat like the balcony and around it will be another rail. How do you get to this balcony? From the first balcony will be stairs on the roof which will lead up to it.

As you can read my dream house will be a very large and peculiar one. But it’s still goanna be my dream house! And with a little faith and and hard work and help, maybe I will be able build it!