My best friend

My best friend

My best friend is Juste. Her full name is Juste Danieliute. Everybody call her Juste, but her nickname is Justuke. She was born in Vilkaviskis hospital, but now she lives in Marijampole.

Juste is fourteen years old. She is 1.69cm tall and her weigh’s 53 kilos. She’s blond and her eyes are blue. She is very beautiful.

She is interested in music and nice boys.  Juste likes to listen to all the kinds of music if it is popular, so I

think she hasn’t her favourite group or singer. She likes to watch TV too, her favourite programme is “Teismas” because there are people who are screaming and shouting.  Juste likes chocolate, sweets and so on. She loves to argue. She hates people who are lying and smoking.

I like Justuke because she makes me laugh, I think she is very interesthing and nice person, that’s why she is my best friend!